The Fast and the Furious is a 2001 action crime film directed by Rob Cohen, produced by Neal H. Moritz and written by Gary Scott Thompson and David Ayer. It is the first installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise.

On a deserted highway, a heist crew driving three modified Honda Civics assault a truck carrying electronic goods, steal its cargo, and escape into the night.

The following day, a joint Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and FBI task force sends LAPD officer Brian O'Conner undercover to locate the crew. He begins his investigation at Toretto's Market, and flirts with its owner Mia, sister of infamous street racer Dominic Toretto. Dominic arrives with his team, Vince, Leon, Jesse, and his girlfriend Letty. Vince, who has a crush on Mia, attacks O'Conner until Dominic intervenes.

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