Anaconda is a 1997 American horror adventure action film directed by Luis Llosa, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Jonathan Hyde and Owen Wilson. It focuses on a documentary film crew who are captured by a snake hunter as he is going after a legendary green anaconda, which is discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

A poacher hides from an unknown creature in his boat. While it breaks through the boat and attempts to catch the poacher, he commits suicide by shooting himself dead to prevent the beast from killing him.

Meanwhile while shooting a documentary about a long-lost indigenous tribe known as the Shirishamas on the Amazon River, director Terri Flores and members of her crew including cameraman and childhood friend Danny Rich, production manager Denise Kalberg, her boyfriend, sound engineer Gary Dixon, visionary Warren Westridge, anthropologist Professor Steven Cale, and boat skipper Mateo come across stranded Paraguayan snake hunter Paul Serone and help him, believing he knows how to find the tribe they are searching for.

Most of the crew are uncomfortable around Serone, and Cale clashes with him several times in regards to Shirishama lore. Later, while trying to free the boat's propeller from a rope, Cale is stung in the throat by a wasp inside his scuba regulator, which swells up his throat and leaves him unconscious. Serone performs an emergency cricothyrotomy, seemingly saving Cale's life. With that, Serone takes over as commander and captain of the boat and the crew. They are then forced to help him achieve his true goal: hunting down and capturing a giant record-breaking green anaconda he had been tracking.

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