Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (also known as Anaconda 2) is a 2004 American adventure horror film directed by Dwight H. Little. It is a stand-alone sequel to the film Anaconda (1997) and the second installment of the Anaconda franchise.

A team of researchers funded by a New York pharmaceutical firm Wexel Hall, including Dr. Jack Byron, Gordon Mitchell, Sam Rogers, Gail Stern, Cole Burris, and Dr. Ben Douglas, leave for a jungle in Borneo - Indonesia to search for a flower called Perrinnia Immortalis, which they believe can be used as a type of fountain of youth. Though their guide Captain Bill Johnson and his partner Tran Wu have misgivings, Jack convinces them to take an unsafe path. The team goes over a waterfall and has to wade through the river. A giant anaconda emerges from the water and swallows Ben whole, but the rest of the team escape from the river. Bill assures them that it was the largest snake he has ever seen and that it should take weeks for it to grow hungry again. However, most of the team demand that the expedition be called off. They travel to Bill's friend, John Livingston, who lives on the river, to see if Bill can borrow his boat, but they find Livingston dead and his boat wrecked.

They find themselves in a small native village consisting of thatched huts and a disemboweled anaconda with a pair of human legs hanging out of the snake's abdomen. The team realizes that the snakes are unusually large in size because their lives have been extended through the orchids, which are a part of the local food chain. Jack says that since they must be close to the orchids, they should press on, though the others contend that there is no evidence that the orchids will have the same effect on humans. Wanting to leave, they start building an escape raft.

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